Live-to-Air Performances

Across the two-week broadcast period Radiophrenia will be presenting a series of specially commissioned Live-to-Air performances –

Monday 29th August Maya Dunietz • Cara Tolmie Wednesday 31st August Steve Urquhart & Alan Bryden Monday 5th September Nichola Scrutton & Zoe Strachan • Resonance Radio Orchestra Wednesday 7th September Secluded Bronte • Rebecca Wilcox • Catherine Street Saturday 10th September Christian Ahlborn & Frauke Berg & Anja Lautermann Sunday 11th September Fallopé & the Tubes • Jim Welton • Sister

Selected artists have been asked to respond to the unique circumstances of creating a work that is simultaneously a live performance and a radio broadcast, reflecting the fact that there will be an audience present in the theatre in addition to an unseen audience of listeners at home. Each of these events is free and open to the public.
All events are free but ticketed. Tickets available from CCA Box Office

Monday 29th August

From 7pm, CCA Theatre Space

photo: Goni Riskin
photo: Goni Riskin

Maya Dunietz – Round Structure
Round Structure is a solo piece for voice, electronics, small instruments and audience. The work attempts to explore how an intense physical performance is transformed through the medium of radio. Round Structure has been commissioned by Radiophrenia and this performance will be its world premiere.

Maya Dunietz is a composer, performer, and sound artist working internationally for the past 20 years. She investigates the interconnections between music, visual art, performance, technological research and philosophy. Her works are commissioned by renowned musicians and ensembles. She has created site specific sound-performance works for institutions such as Palais de Tokyo Paris, Whitechapel Gallery London, Arnolfini Bristol, CCA Tel Aviv, Reykjavik Arts Festival, and many more.
Dunietz performs regularly around the world playing free improvisation with artists Roscoe Mitchell, John Butcher, Zeena Parkins, Ghedaliah Tazartes, and Steve noble, to name just a few. She has also teamed up with the Jerusalem Season of Culture for a tribute project to Ethiopian composer Emahoy Tsegué-Maryam Guèbrou and is touring globally with Guèbrou solo piano recitals.

photo: Gethin Wyn Jones
photo: Gethin Wyn Jones

Cara Tolmie – Cancamon
Cancamon is a new performance developed in connection with research done as part of Cara’s residency She’s Singing – I can feel boxes break at KKH, Stockholm 2015-16. Physical sampling and repetition form the basis as Cara investigates signifiers and roles of ‘The Singer’ in contemporary popular culture, experimental and dance musics. The work puts a range of experiments in voice and movement to use in asking questions about whose affects and languages the singing voice acts as a locus for, testing how the performing body might be able to disrupt and infect the flows of value that profit from this voice.

Cara Tolmie is an artist and musician who experiments from within the intersections of performance, sound and moving image and draws from debates surrounding feminisms, the politics of music and experimental pedagogy. She often works collaboratively and has recently made performances with Patrick Staff at Outpost, Norwich and KW, Berlin; Paul Abbott for the Counterflows festival and at Raven Row and Whitechapel Gallery; and Kimberley O’Neill and France-Lise McGurn at Tramway, Glasgow and South London Gallery. She is also part of the editorial collective for Cesura//Acesso Journal, a publication exploring music, politics and poetics.

Wednesday 31st August

From 7pm, CCA Theatre space

alan-and-steveSteve Urquhart & Alan Bryden – Transformation:01
From prisoners and farmers, to graffiti artists and burlesque queens: a twenty year archive of radio interviews and location recordings is chopped up and recontextualised – LIVE on Radiophrenia.Hear clips and outtakes from old documentaries being processed, looped, morphed, stretched, added to, multiplied and minimalized, in this almost entirely improvised composition. What will happen to these voices and noises, when they’re snatched out of their familiar sound worlds and bundled into a bank of analog synth modules and FX units? Expect things to become noisy, quiet, sparse, rhythmic, cacophonous, emotive, angry, frightening, funny… and ever expanding…

Alan Bryden is a community music workshop leader and sound designer, who works with marginalised groups. As ‘Sidewinder’ he produced a series of cut up/sample based records for Glasgow’s Soma Records. Steve Urquhart is a radio producer and sound designer who specialises in documenting the lives and experiences of under-represented communities and individuals. They met in the 1990s, as producers for Glasgow student stations Sweet FM and SubCity Radio. In 2001 they recorded and performed as Light Sleepers for Fenetik Music. Transformation:01 is their first major collaboration for several years.

Monday 5th September

From 7pm, CCA Theatre Space

N Scrutton & Z Strachan - imageNichola Scrutton & Zoe Strachan – In Transit
In this collaborative new work Nichola and Zoë are exploring the state of being in transit and how it disrupts the interior monologues of two people on separate but overlapping journeys of a slightly mysterious kind.

Zoë Strachan is an award-winning novelist. She has collaborated with Nick Fells on the opera Sublimation (Scottish Opera) and on Negative Spaces (Radiophrenia), and with Craig Armstrong on The Lady from the Sea (Scottish Opera), which won a Herald Angel Award when it premiered at the Edinburgh International Festival. Nichola Scrutton composed the soundscape for her play Panic Patterns (with Louise Welsh, Glasgay/Citizen’s Theatre).

Nichola Scrutton is a freelance award-winning composer, sound artist and vocalist. Her work spans a range of self-directed, interdisciplinary and participatory projects.


Resonance Radio Orchestra – Second Sketch for Larry Shipping
The Resonance Radio Orchestra returns to Radiophrenia to present a new work entitled Second Sketch for Larry Shipping written by Ed Baxter (words) and Peter Lanceley (melodies). The piece is a meditation on writing, birth, consumption, memory – the usual. This Sketch is a work in progress ahead of Radio Revolten festival in Halle, Germany, in October 2016. Performers: Ed Baxter (electronics), Tam Dean Burn (narrator), Peter Lanceley (electric guitar, singing), Kim Moore (viola) and Milo Thesiger-Meacham (electronics). RRO is supported by the PRS for Music Foundation and this performance is made possible thanks to generosity of Professor Andrew Prescott’s AHRC Fellowship Digital Transformations at the University of Glasgow.

The Resonance Radio Orchestra is a floating pool of musicians, engineers, sound-effects creators, actors, writers, composers and broadcasters devoted to making live radio-art. It is based in central London as the in-house artistic wing of Resonance 104.4fm, under the direction of Ed Baxter.

Wednesday 7th September

From 7pm, CCA Theatre space

bronteSecluded Bronte – Selmer Bends
Children of the Stoned. “Constitutional methods being ignored, drive us to window smashing”. That was a message glued to a Suffragette’s stone.

Enigmatic discourse closer to a series of cryptic crossword clues than a straight script, a poem of sorts, Selmer Bends attempts to fracture narrative continuity. Stones are its starting point but it soon plummets into digression, non-sequitur, ellipsis and moments of dense contrapuntal layering. Selmer Bends is Secluded Bronte’s second major work for radio. In 2014 Secluded Bronte produced the hörspiel Dark August Variations for Dutch radio.

Secluded Bronte is a modular formation most often featuring Jonathan Bohman, Adam Bohman and Richard Thomas. Jonathan and Adam Bohman have been writing, recording and performing experimental music as The Bohman Brothers since 1975. Richard Thomas has been active as a composer, performer, broadcaster, writer since the late 1980s. Secluded Bronte formed in 2001, their work is conceptual and fuses text, concréte and abstract sounds. One critic dubbed it “music theatre from hell”. Their debut LP Secluded In Jersey City was recorded in New Jersey in 2002 but published belatedly in 2014 by the American label Pogus. They are currently working on a triple LP and the film projects Against Cinema, with filmmaker James Holcombe (, and Bronte Country with the artist Andy Holden. Four Perfect Balls, a collaborative LP with the violinist Panos Ghikas, is forthcoming on Migro Records.

rebecca-frame Rebecca Wilcox  – Easy Material, huh
Rebecca Wilcox is developing a new performative spoken word piece, part of a continued effort to look at apperception, voice and the authorship entangled with these active relationships. She’s interested in the paradox of a singular voice’s utterances enacting several attentions and surfaces of experience. With the assistance of a loop pedal, she repeats, fragments and layers her own writing, renegotiating an urge to make something neat and coherent.
The relationship between text and sound aims to be reciprocal; the text isn’t taken directly as a script, more as material to manipulate, as you might do with your voice. Throughout this, she aims to speak the strange relationship between owning knowledge and moving through knowledge.

Rebecca Wilcox lives in Glasgow. Working with writing, performance, installation, audio and video, recent exhibitions and events include Living with the Promises of Appearances, with Sarah Rose (live performance and audio broadcast, SWG3, Glasgow), In Relation and Halved, Fogged and Funny (live performance for Sound Thought conference, Glasgow and EAVI, Goldsmiths, London), Accompaniment (EFA, New York), and This Might be a Place for Hummingbirds (CCA, Glasgow). She has published work with Good Press, Hour Editions, F.R. David and Gnommero. With Sarah Rose and Scott Rogers she organises tenletters, a space in Glasgow exploring expanded forms of publication.

photo: Alan Dimmick

Catherine Street – Your mind is a blown picture of bright light
The narrator gives voice to a cascade of thoughts, images and ideas in a stream of consciousness which at times evokes doubt and at times an energetic exuberance. Speaking directly to an ambiguous ‘you’, which could be both herself and the imagined listener, she explores the desire to speak and the desire to observe. Early development of the work was conducted in the last week of June 2016 at Moniack Mhor, with support from Edinburgh Visual Arts and Crafts Awards scheme.

Catherine Street is an artist whose work consists of layers of experience. Her precisely spoken audio recordings include vivid evocations of physical sensations, alongside speculations on the artist’s role and motivations. Recent projects include the solo exhibition Muscle Theory at Glasgow’s Reid Gallery, and a series of performative tours for the Edinburgh Art Festival. Street has worked with many of Scotland’s institutions and has also performed and exhibited further afield for example in Norway, Germany, Czech Republic, New Zealand and USA. A significant part of her practice is dedicated to writing, especially through her ongoing collaboration with the poet JL Williams.

Saturday 10th September

From 7pm, CCA Cinema

christian et alFourteen Signs – Fifty-Eight Symptoms – Sounds & songs on feeling alien
A work loosely based on a list of “58 Possible Signs of Alien Abduction”. Following its debut performance at Kraftwerk’s legendary Kling Klang studio earlier this year this Düsseldorf based trio attempt to investigate the phenomena of alien abduction as a symptom of a collective social unease and “alienation” toward the “foreign and strangers”. The idea is to refer to the semantic field of the “alien – strange – foreign – unknown.”
“It’s all about feeling alien, being alien….it’s all about being frightened of feeling alien and alien beings.”

Narrated by Matti Rouse.

This performance is made possible thanks to the generous support of the City of Düsseldorf Culture Department.

Anja Lautermann explores the different sonic possibilities of the flute and other tone generators, calling on both traditional and experimental playing techniques and different musical styles.

In her artistic works Frauke Berg interweaves animations and drawings with her voice, electronic sounds and installations. She published a vinyl record “Ten little Bugs” on the Düsseldorf independent label “Slowboy Records”. Together with the composer and musician Anja Lautermann she founded the soundperformance project “Studium Stadt” using field recordings mixed with voice, analogue sounds and animations.

Christian Ahlborn studied communication design and photojournalism and works as a freelance journalist for German public radio WDR as well as making his own artwork (photo-documentary, design and graphics).

Sunday 11th September

From 7pm, CCA Theatre space

fallopeFallopé & the Tubes- Bam! Boing! Bow-Wow!
This September Fallopé & the Tubes have arranged a week long rural retreat where they will reconnect with their cosmic selves and channel what the universe whispers into their collective ear for this one off radio broadcast especially for Radiophrenia.  The group will be trying for the first time to translate their visual identity into aural imagery. Fallope & The Tubes are hopeful that the new material they will create for Radiophrenia will be loud, full of voices, rhythmic and sizzling; pulling you under into their absurd abyss.

Fallopé & the Tubes are a six piece DIY punk pop siphonophore (band) dedicated to nurturing a strong sense of cosmic sisterhood and a democratic collaborative style of working in musical performance with a zero budget but extremely enthusiastic theatrical visual aesthetic.
The group formed in 2014 following an intensive period of intuitive noise making and songwriting techniques on residency in the Scottish Highlands , including (but not limited to): Noise Yoga, wild forest percussion, harmonic primal screaming and relentless midnight sessions of the game “exquisite corpse”. Following this initial rural residency the Tubes took everything they had learned in the forest to Glasgow where they untangled it all into their very first public performance where they emerged from a giant inflatable womb as conjoined quintuplets and sang about their mothers, boats, Hell and shagging.
In 2016 the group launched their first ever single on vinyl titled, “Psychic Orgasm”, with independent label Soakin Records.

jimJim Welton – Set in a World of Golden Hindsight
The wonder of treading old ground is that you can’t get lost, even if your shoes wear out. In ‘Golden Hindsight’, Fray Bentos revisits a lost radiodolatrous land – the sort of place where you might have encountered Becket riding a faulty Segue over the toes of a screaming banker or a boozy Pinter accidentally setting fire to his own trousers. ‘Hindsight’ features one narrator, a four-handed Greek chorus and a sound effects guy. They will attempt to tease the listener into throwing their radio, phone or tablet into a bucket of chilled piss, either in a starburst of nostalgic rapture or from the depths of a foaming tantrum of puerile exasperation.

Jim Welton AKA Xentos Fray Bentos is a video and radio artist, writer, performer and sound designer. From his sprawling mind-cage in London he has, over the last 19 years, produced video and radiophonic works and scripts for radio stations around the world. In 2013, he was artist in residence at the SKLR heritage railway in Sittingbourne. As a sound designer, his work has featured in interactive displays at the Tate Modern, Science Museum and the National Museum of Scotland among others. Currently, he is engaged in transcribing his filthy dairies into a series for Resonance FM to be broadcast in 2027. His prodigious multi-persona pop and blunderphonic musical output is the stuff of tender nightmare.


Sister –  Hotline
“Where are you really from?” and other questions we hate.

The first in a series of projects from new collective Sister. Through the use of interviews, poetry and music they will explore what it means to grow up mixed race in Glasgow and the struggle to form a cohesive identity with no solid community. This performance provides an introduction to their work and to a subject which is very seldom explored within the context of Glasgow.
This piece is inspired by Wole Soyinka’s ‘Telephone Conversation’ and the work of Nayyirah Waheed.

Glaswegian duo Cassie Ezeji and Siobhain Ma make up `Sister`, a creative collective who explore the experiences and challenges facing mixed race Scottish women.
Ezeji and Ma are childhood friends and share respective backgrounds in music and sound art. `Sister` sees the pair turn their attention to their experiences growing up mixed race in Glasgow.
Their work focuses on microaggressions encountered by biracial women along with questions of identity and establishing a connection with their respective fatherlands (Nigeria, Hong Kong, Ireland and Scotland) from a distance.