Ri Ri on Radiophrenia

Iain FW image to useAt 2pm today we have Ian Findlay-Walsh in the Radiophrenia studio with a live version of his piece ‘Ri Ri’. A performance/ live edit between field recordings and found recordings that document Rihanna’s July 2016 concert at Hampden Park in Glasgow.

Consisting of audio captured on the night of the Rihanna show, including ripped audio from youtube videos uploaded by Rihanna audience members after the fact, Ri Ri layers and redacts a range of recordings which trace the auditory perspectives of multiple listeners in relation to the same music event.

The piece functions as the real-time broadcast of a (past) gig within a (present) gig, and as a way of exploring sound recordings as territorialising ambiences – fields in and through which sound might re-member listeners.